Dependent IGs Analysis for HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide: DK Core

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Details By IG

Derived profiles

Danish Core Patient Profile KLGatewayChildrenCitizen

Derived profiles

Danish Core Patient Profile Citizen

ValueSets used in profiles

DK Municipality Codes ActingMunicipality

Derived profiles

Danish Core Condition Profile KLGateway119FocusCondition
Danish Core Organization Profile KLGateway119Organization
Danish Core Patient Profile KLGateway119Citizen

Derived profiles

Danish Core Condition Profile KLGateway140FocusCondition
Danish Core Organization Profile KLGateway140Organization
Danish Core Patient Profile KLGateway140Citizen

Derived profiles

Danish Core Observation Profiles MedComCoreObservation
Danish Core Practitioner Profile MedComCorePractitioner
Danish Core Organization Profile MedComCoreOrganization
Danish Core Patient Profile MedComCorePatient

Details By Resource


DK Profession Group Codes (not used)
DK Address Type (not used)
DK Address Use (not used)
DK Administrative Gender Supplement (not used)
DK CareTeam Status (not used)
DK Consent State (not used)
DK Days Of Week (not used)
DK Decentralised eCPR Systems (not used)
DK Municipality Codes (not used)
DK Greenland Municipality Codes (not used)
DK Regional Subdivision Codes (not used)
DK Marital Statuses (not used)
DK Related Person Relationship Codes (not used)
DK Episode Of Care Status (not used)
DK Publication Status (not used)
DK Request Status (not used)
DK Role Code (not used)


DK D-eCPR OID values (not used)
DK Profession Group (not used)
Dk Core IEEE Basic Observation (not used)
DK Core LOINC Basic Observations (not used)
DK Municipality Codes Bound In ActingMunicipality (
DK Core NPU Basic Observation (not used)
DK Regional Subdivision Codes (not used)
DK Related Person Relationship Types (not used)
DK Core SNOMED CT Basic Observation (not used)
DK TechniquesSCTCodes (not used)
DK Core UCUM Basic Units (not used)
DK MaritalStatus (not used)
DK SOR Organization Type (not used)


Danish Health Professionals Authorization Identifier (not used)
Danish Core Basic Observation Profile (not used)
Danish Core Condition Profile Constrained In KLGateway119FocusCondition (
Constrained In KLGateway140FocusCondition (
Danish Central Person Register (CPR) Identifier (not used)
Danish Central Business Register (CVR) Identifier (not used)
Decentralised eCPR, called D-eCPR (not used)
GLN Identifier (not used)
Kombit Organsation Identifier (not used)
Danish Core Observation Profiles Constrained In MedComCoreObservation (
Danish Core Organization Profile Constrained In KLGateway119Organization (
Constrained In KLGateway140Organization (
Constrained In MedComCoreOrganization (
Danish Core Patient Profile Constrained In KLGatewayChildrenCitizen (
Constrained In Citizen (
Constrained In KLGateway119Citizen (
Constrained In KLGateway140Citizen (
Constrained In MedComCorePatient (
Danish Core Practitioner Profile Constrained In MedComCorePractitioner (
Producent Id (not used)
Danish Core Related Person Profile (not used)
SOR Identifier (not used)
National eCPR service, called X-eCPR (not used)


ConditionLastAssertedDate (not used)
NotFollowedAnymore (not used)
Danish Core Regional Sub Division Codes Extension (not used)
Danish Core Municipality codes (not used)